Periodontal Services in Melbourne

Periodontal Assessment

Enhance Your Oral Health with Gum Treatment in Melbourne or Footscray

Your gums make up an important part of your overall dental health. After all, they house and cushion your teeth, defending their sensitive roots against dentalcaries, oral trauma and other problems.

So when your gum's health deteriorates, so does your teeth's health. Luckily, you can come to Dr. Edmond Lobaza for gum treatment in Melbourne or Footscray, as well as a variety of other periodontal treatments.

Dr. Lobaza and his team provide a number of surgical and non-surgical treatmentsto safeguard and rejuvenate your oral tissues. When you need proficient periodontalcare, you can depend on our professionalism and our 30 years of experience.

Ask Us About Our Standard Services

Dr. Edmond Lobaza and the rest of our friendly team can help you with any of the following:




Standard Services Offered

  •     Diagnosis and treatment planning
  •     Consultation and communications (written reports)
  •     Non surgical periodontal treatments
  •     Scaling, root planning, oral hygiene instruction and training
  •     Adjunctive services – desensitization, occlusal adjustment
  •     Periodontal maintenance and monitoring

  •     Periodontal surgery
  •     Flaps, bone graft and sinus grafts, crown lengthening
  •     Guided tissue regeneration, including bone augmentation
  •     Periodontal surgery for aesthetics
  •     Dental implants
  •     Gum treatment

If you require more information about Dr Edmond Lobaza Periodontist's surgical services, contact him today in Melbourne.