Periodontist Melbourne and Periodontics Melbourne.

Periodontist Melbourne and Periodontics Melbourne.

Melbourne's local periodontal services

Specialist in periodontics since 1985

Heal Your Smile with Help from a Periodontist in Melbourne & Footscray

Enjoying a good meal is a simple pleasure we can all take for granted. And good oral health is essential for comfortable eating.

But when your gums feel tender or you mouth aches, that first bite may not be as pleasant as you had hoped. Don't let mouth pain inhibit small enjoyments like this. Instead, allow Dr. Edmond Lobaza, your periodontist in Melbourne, to heal your smile.

Periodontal Services

Dr. Edmond Lobaza is a periodontic specialist who has honed his skills for decades. Our Melbourne office began in 1985 and serves patients who need expert treatmentssuch as:

  • Aesthetic periodontal surgery improve the look of your gums
  • Bone grafts provide an area for bonesto regrow and stabilize teeth
  • Crown lengthening exposes more of a tooth so it can support a crown or filling
  • Dental implants fill in the gaps in your smile
  • Soft tissue grafts protect your teeth from gun recession

As a sole practitioner, Dr. Lobaza treats each patient personally. Each time you visit our Melbourne or Footscray office, you will benefit from his experienced care and professional skills.

Visit Our Office

If you need a periodontist in the Melbourne or Footscray area, visit the offices of Dr. Edmond Lobaza. He and his team will help you on your way to a comfortable, attractive smile.

Schedule an appointment by calling our Melbourne CBD office on (03) 9650 1050 & our Footscray office on (03) 9689 1241 or sending us a message here.